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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Review

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, I prefer the Tomb Raider Reboots to the Uncharted series. As much as I like the Uncharted series and its super high quality polish, there’s something about the TR Reboots that I like even more. Whilst I’m sure both characters have collectively walked away from more skin-of-your-teeth situations than every real adventurer in history combined, Lara feels as though she earns her escapes by her own means, and not through sheer dumb luck. At least, that’s how I see it.

Observer Review

I found myself reaching the end of Observer, feeling very pleased with the experience once the credits had rolled. That feeling stuck with me because as I said, it’s a feeling I don’t have very often these days. I’m too used to logging into some kind of system, and playing amongst other people, or a never-ending storm of sidequests and checklists to complete. So it was very refreshing to come into Observer and immediately be pulled into its very thick and rich atmosphere, and lose myself in the world narratively with a singular focus in mind; find my son Adam.