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November 2018 Update

November 2018 Update

Hello once again.

So we’ve been beavering away at the website, trying to get things finalised in every conceivable way possible. We want to avoid extra work down the line, so we’re trying to standardise everything as much as possible. Currently, Eric and I are both happy with what we have here now, and it’s just a case of populating the website with more articles. We have a standard formatting style, and we have a writers guide for other people to follow. Speaking of which…

New People

We have 4 new people on board the team, though I can only announce 2 of them officially as of right now.

Benjamin Hayhoe. He’s been doing game journalism stuff for a few years now. We’ve worked with each other before in different capacities. I asked if he was interested in helping us get off the ground and helping us with some article throughput, and he agreed to help out on a casual basis.

Rory Sugrue. My closest friend for over 15 years now. He doesn’t consider himself a writer, but I’m more interested in his representation on the website, since he caters to a more casual and approachable style of audience. I’m the game developer/designer, Eric has his particular niche, and Rory will represent the average/core gamer in terms of his opinions and perspective.

Currently I am the only editor on the website. We’re trying to create a standard way of doing things here, and establish an ethos of some sort. Until that’s been established, I’m the only person who will be publishing things, to ensure it’s all one unified presentation and a little consistent.

Removal Of Japanese Content

Though it was never formally explained, we were going to cater to both English and Japanese readers, and basically be a bilingual website. This is currently on indefinite hiatus until we reach a point where the effort and time invested, will result in something worthwhile. We need to focus on building up an audience and reputation, before we consider ‘extras’ like bilingual support. We did discuss the cons of having to go back and translate a back-catalogue of content, versus translating as we produced things, but it’s not worth the diverted time currently. There are more pressing matters to take care of first, so we’ll revisit this later on next year.

Closing Comments

‘Phase 1’ as we’ve dubbed it, is going full-steam ahead currently. We’re deep into content creation, and we’ve got some extra help inbound shortly. We’ve set a short-term goal to get Benjamin a press pass for an event he wants to cover, and we’ve set a mid-term goal to have at least 50 articles up by the end of the year.

YouTube-style content and other related things are being discussed, but only in passing and completely hypothetically. I’ve got a lot of ideas that I’ve wanted to try over the ideas, but never had the chance. I’m sure some of them will turn out differently to what I had initially imagined, and I’m sure others will fail miserably, but they are things I want to try nonetheless.

One last thing I want to mention is our attitude towards content-relevancy or content-immediacy. What I mean by those terms is how we cover new and relevant material within the gaming industry. From the beginning, we chose not to run the rat race of trying to be among the first people to cover news and other such material, as it’s a fool’s errand to do so (especially for a small website going against behemoths in the industry). We’d decided therefore, that we were going to cover things that interested us, and in a fashion where it would go online when it was ready. We weren’t going to try and rush deadlines or get reviews up within the first week etc.

Due to happy accident however, we’ve been able to finish a fairly high-profile game (Forza Horizon 4) fairly quickly, and were able to get a review up within its first week (give or take) of its release window. If we can get reviews up quickly, we’ll try. It isn’t a goal however, and we will take our time with things. For instance, I’m currently on a playthrough of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, as is Rory. We aren’t rushing the game for review, we’re taking our time with side-quests and the like, and really sinking our teeth into it to give it an honest impression when we do eventually review it. We’re going to take that approach to all games in the future, and we’re aiming for content quality, not speed-of-delivery.

Thanks for reading this month’s update. We’ll update you at the beginning of next month with good news, after hopefully following through with our promises and achieving our goals for the month. Thanks for stopping by!

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