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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review

Fresh off the back of the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, comes Spyro Reignited. For many 80s and 90s born kids, the original trilogies of both Crash and Spyro, will be among the highlights of their gaming back catalogue. Some chose a side, with those who preferred the constrained, tighter platforming of Crash, and others who did rather spend their time in more open environments, with unique enemy interactions in Spyro.

Ace Combat 7 Review

My first encounter with Ace Combat was through a demo disc I had for the PS1. The first time I played it, it felt boring and the pacing was far too slow for someone my age. As cool as jet-fighters were, learning this new control/gameplay style and having to play somewhat conservatively compared to what I was used to, meant that I didn’t give it the time it deserved back then. Fast forward a little, and I had another demo disc, but this time with Ace Combat 3. Everything changed.

Mordhau Review

I fondly remember the days when I used to play Dark Messiah of Might and Magic online. No, not the Xbox 360 version, the PC version of course! It was an amazing experience that I easily invested way over 100+ hours playing alone, never mind the extra time spent on the amazing single player experience. What I loved about it, was the melee combat system with daggers, staves, swords, and more. Mixed with magic and ranged weapons, it was a great medieval-style combat game.

Risk Of Rain 2 Review

Risk of Rain 2 still has another year or so of development ahead of it. Regardless, it’s a very enticing and engaging game as it stands, and is a great example of how early access style games can work. Having never played the first Risk of Rain however, I’m afraid I have nothing to base my opinions off. The consensus online though, seems to be that the move from 2D to 3D was a great choice!

Defense Grid 2 Review

I was gifted the first Defense Grid (cough-defence-cough) by a friend quite a while back, and I enjoyed it a lot. Very much a pick-up-and-play experience. It could be as easy or as difficult as you wanted it to be. Many other reviewers say that the sequel caters a little more towards casual players this time around, and I wholeheartedly agree. Whilst I was utilising everything at my disposal in the first game and still coming up short on a few scenarios, the sequel has given me no trouble whatsoever.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Review

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again, I prefer the Tomb Raider Reboots to the Uncharted series. As much as I like the Uncharted series and its super high quality polish, there’s something about the TR Reboots that I like even more. Whilst I’m sure both characters have collectively walked away from more skin-of-your-teeth situations than every real adventurer in history combined, Lara feels as though she earns her escapes by her own means, and not through sheer dumb luck. At least, that’s how I see it.

Resident Evil 2 [Remake] Review

When I was but a young boy with my Playstation 1, I was quite averse to horror games. Even action games like Tomb Raider that were soaked in heavy atmosphere and the occasional thick draw-distance fog, could unsettle me if presented in the right manner. As such, I never really engaged with the likes of Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill, or Resident Evil.

Observer Review

I found myself reaching the end of Observer, feeling very pleased with the experience once the credits had rolled. That feeling stuck with me because as I said, it’s a feeling I don’t have very often these days. I’m too used to logging into some kind of system, and playing amongst other people, or a never-ending storm of sidequests and checklists to complete. So it was very refreshing to come into Observer and immediately be pulled into its very thick and rich atmosphere, and lose myself in the world narratively with a singular focus in mind; find my son Adam.

Fallout 76 - First Impressions

So originally, this introduction segment was very long. I realised that I’d spent almost 50% of the review, discussing the politics and reception of the game instead of the game itself. That’s the problem with Fallout 76. There’s so much drama going on around the game, that it’s hard to even begin discussing it without treading onto the controversy surrounding it. What do I think about Fallout 76 generally however? In a word; Fine. In 2 words? Somewhat fine. In a sentence? Somewhat fine, considering the mess it’s created for itself.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Review

I’ve been getting my teeth sunk into Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey [AC: O, hereafter] along with Rory Sugrue and Eric Hartmann. We’ve been focusing more on enjoying the game, and less about the mixed-reception surrounding it. Review scores are generally favourable, but opinions do range widely from “Best” AC game, to “Worst”..

Forza Horizon 4 Review

Other series have come and gone throughout my life such as the DIRT series and Wipeout, but they never really stick around consistently in my library. I always move onto something else given enough time. Forza is different.