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An Introduction

An Introduction

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to ‘Land of the Rising Gamer’.

This website is both a return for me - David Treharne - to the world of video game journalism, and an entry point for Eric Hartmann.

After attending the Tokyo Game Show this year, we became motivated to start up our own game journalism website. Our goal is simple; we want to produce engaging content on our own terms. We want to create content that we ourselves as both gamers and readers might find interesting. Our main philosophy is to not compete with other publishers, and to focus on our own unique approach. We want to start from the readers’ experience that we intend to create, and work backwards from there.

With all of that said however, we’ve yet to completely define ourselves and our position in the over-saturated space of video game journalism. I have years of experience behind me in multiple areas such as podcasts, websites, YouTube etc., but this is something new for Eric. He will be the first person working alongside me in what will hopefully become a fun side-project for now, but might achieve something worthwhile in the long-term.

We’ll be writing all kinds of content, so let me outline our preliminary goals for the next few weeks and months.


Of course, news is important. However, I’ve learned from experience that trying to be the first person to cover news is a fool’s errand. With so many bigger publishers around, it’s impossible to be the first person to catch wind of it and publish something. Therefore our news will be more focused on reactions, opinions, and predictions. For those wanting a 24/7-style coverage, I’m afraid we won’t be providing that kind of service here.


Once again, certain expectations from our audience will not be held up to. Don’t expect us to have Day-1, or even Day-2 reviews of recent titles. We’ll be taking our time to enjoy our newest purchases, and will give you our honest opinions when we are done. We’ll even dig into some retro titles occasionally too.

Opinion Pieces & General Articles

We’ll be writing about anything that interests us. Whilst political/controversial topics are not always a good idea to throw a hat into a ring over, sometimes things are too interesting to allow them to pass by without having said your piece. Beyond all of that however, we’ll be doing Top-5 or Top-10 style lists, and generally just writing about what we think we’d want to read ourselves.

We don’t want to define anything in particular to begin with, neither do we want to create promises we can’t keep. We will simply proceed by writing a selection of articles in the upcoming weeks and months, and there will no weekly/monthly format for any feature until we begin to understand our audience and expectations.

YouTube, The Future, and Beyond…

As I alluded to, I have experience with more than just simple journalism. I myself am a game designer, video producer, machinima creator, and quite a bit more. Eric himself is also quite talented with an array of interests and skills; most notably his ability to speak Japanese. Our aim currently is to find our voice, provide interesting content we’d imagine ourselves enjoying as readers, and start building up a following gradually over the next few months.

We aren’t shooting for fame or fortune, we’re simply wanting to begin an enjoyable process which we’re both keen on pursuing. Personally I feel the fault with many gaming journalist websites, is that they focus on trying to achieve too much or constrain themselves with strict rules. As an avid reader myself, I much prefer more dynamic and interesting content, that doesn’t churn itself out on a weekly basis simply because it has to.

I would much rather a website and team with personality, and didn’t try to safely cater to everyone’s tastes. You can’t please everyone, nor compete with titanic organisations who have the monetary and professional strength to do so with ease. We want to stand out. We want to be different.

So with all of that said, thank you very much for reading our first ever post, and please do enjoy our website!

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